Lewis & Clark | Corps of Discovery

My introduction to Lewis & Clark was likely similar to millions of Americans–4th grade history class. Decades later, after spending time in Montana within miles of the historic route, the explorers’ adventures through the West unfolded all over again.

It’s an American odyssey defined by adventure, bravery and survival, something novelist Henry James dubbed “the visitable past.” Part of the continued connection is that we can follow the explorers on their trail, mile by mile.

As an artist living and working in the West, reimagining what Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery saw and experienced in the early 1800s is an endless source of inspiration—a unique chance to re-examine the relationship between land, animals and people in a place I call home. A reminder of discovery and careful observation, perseverance and courage–it’s an homage to what defines the West, then and now.

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